Course Description

Apache HBase is known for providing strong data consistency on reads and writes, which distinguishes it from other NoSQL databases.

HBase is part of a long list of Apache Hadoop add-ons that includes tools such as Hive, Pig and ZooKeeper. Like Hadoop, HBase is typically programmed using Java, not SQL. As an open source project, its development is managed by the Apache Software Foundation. HBase became a top-level Apache project in 2010.

What You Learn

  • + Understand the HBase Architecture and Components
  • + Perform Data Analytics using HBase
  • + Understand the tight integration between HBase and HDFS
  • + Implement HBase in HDFS


The hands on experience is a necessity because you learn when you do. Courses in learning sphere are so designed to spend at least half of the class-time working hands on with the technologies in real time.


We will provide you with a PDF copy of the course materials. You will need a computer to connect to the WebEx session, and to connect to the cloud-based VM.


NOVEMBER 18, 2017
training course
9 AM – 4 PM PST

NOVEMBER 20, 2017
training course
6 PM – 7.30 PM PST

Course Content

Its salient features are code readability, ease of use, extensibility, platform independence and wide scope of applications. It is often chosen as the language taught in "intro to programming" courses in college. Whether creating GUI apps, systems administration scripts, or data-driven web sites, Hbase is a popular choice.

  • - The problem with distributed computing
  • - Installing HBase
  • - The Hadoop ecosystem
  • - The role of HBase in the Hadoop ecosystem
  • - How is HBase different from RDBMS?
  • - HBase Data Model
  • - Introducing CRUD operations
  • - HBase is different from Hive
  • - Creating a table for User Notifications
  • - Inserting a row
  • - Updating a row
  • - Retrieving a row
  • - Retrieving a range of rows
  • - Deleting a row
  • - Deleting a table
  • - Creating a table with HBaseAdmin
  • - Inserting a row using a Put object
  • - Inserting a list of Puts
  • - Retrieving data - Get and Result objects
  • - A list of Gets
  • - Deleting a row
  • - A list of Deletes
  • - Mix and match with batch operations
  • - Scanning a range of rows
  • - Deleting a table
  • - HBase Architecture
  • - Filter by Row id - RowFilter
  • - Filter by column value - SingleColumnValueFilter
  • - Apply multiple conditions - Filterlist
  • - Retrieve rows within a time range
  • - Atomically incrementing a value with Counter
  • - A MapReduce task to count Notifications by Type
  • - Implementing the MapReduce in Java
  • - Running a MapReduce task
  • - Implement a Notification Hierarchy
  • - Implement a Notifications Manager
  • - Hadoop Install Modes
  • - Hadoop Install Step 1 : Standalone Mode
  • - Hadoop Install Step 2 : Pseudo-Distributed Mode

However, it will help if you have some prior exposure to database concepts and any of the Linux flavours.

  • Knowledge on Hadoop's architecture and APIs
  • Knowledge on writing basic applications using java
  • Working knowledge of any database.

per course

  • 25 Hours


Yes, you can attend a DEMO session before you enrol for the class.We have limited number of participants in a live session to maintain the Quality Standards.
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There’s never been a better time to start a career as a web developer. From start ups to Fortune 100 companies, there is a consistent demand for both developers who write high-quality code and experienced problem solvers who can design creative solutions.

However, it will help if you have some prior exposure to database concepts and any of the Linux flavours.

  • Knowledge on Hadoop's architecture and APIs
  • Knowledge on writing basic applications using java
  • Working knowledge of any database.

Yes. A good working laptop with 10GB space available.

Learning Spear is committed to provide you an awesome learning experience through world-class content and best-in-class instructors. We will create an ecosystem through this training, that will enable you to convert opportunities into job offers by presenting your skills at the time of an interview. We can assist you in resume building and also share important interview questions once you are done with the training. However, please understand that we are not into job placements.

Yes! Over 85% of our students are full-time employees who use their free time to master new skills that they’re passionate about. The HBASE was built with flexibility in mind. Explore lessons and projects at your convenience, a complete course takes about 25 hours to complete.

No, this program is open to enrolments for any individuals who plan to take the course online.

It always helps to have a sounding board and cheerleader. Learning Spear’s mentors are working professionals and experts in their fields.
Each class works with several great mentors who will:
Help you set goals for the course and make sure you’re on-track to meet them; Meet with you in one-on-one meetings to go over your work and answer any questions you have about the HBASE.

This course will provide you with technical skills in machine learning, algorithms, and data modelling which will allow you to make accurate predictions about your data. You will be creating your models using Python so you will gain a good grasp of this programming language.

After filling us in on some basic information, we’ll connect you with someone who will discuss the program with you, and get to know a little more about you.

By the end of the course, you will have:

  • Learned about web development from experienced web developers.
  • Prepared yourself with the foundational knowledge you need to begin a career of continuous learning.

You don’t need to be an experienced developer but need to have basic understanding of the concepts to be in this class. You can go through the pre-requisites provided for each individual course.

Our lessons are broken up into micro-lectures, which teach you content in short spurts so that you can immediately break out into groups and practice applying what you’ve learned. We’ve modelled the course’s activities so that you’ll be able to have constant conversations with your fellow classmates, instructors, and TAs throughout the course.

You will need to have your own computer (a Mac is strongly recommended) and an external monitor (ideally 28” or bigger). You’ll also need access to high speed internet (wired ethernet connection is strongly recommended) and a dedicated, quiet workspace where you feel comfortable working, preferably in a private room away from zany roommates, prying family members, Kramer-like friends popping in, etc.

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